Recent Results

Federal Court - Eastern District of Wisconsin. Attorney Maciolek's client was charged with theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory from a business. The victims in the case were advocating for 5 years in prison. His client was sentenced to a mere 90 days in custody.

Marinette, WI. The police found a pound of marijuana in the trunk of a car. In the front of the car were multiple bags of marijuana, paraphernalia, and the car smelled like marijuana. The prosecutor wanted to send the client to prison. Attorney Maciolek was able to secure a deal for a misdemeanor plea, one year of probation, and no jail.

Sheboygan, WI.  Attorney Maciolek’s client was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana.  After a search warrant raid on his home, the police discovered and seized over 15 pounds of marijuana, paraphernalia, a firearm, and an admission of distribution of drugs.  Through Attorney Maciolek’s efforts he was able to secure a reduced charge, probation, minimum jail, and expungement of a felony.  This gave his client the ability to keep his job, apply for student loans, and retain his right to possess firearms.


Sheboygan, WI.  A new mother was charged with Attempted Armed Robbery,  Burglary While Armed, Burglary – Commit a Battery on Another Person.  In all she was facing up to 50 years in the Wisconsin prison system.  Through contested litigation efforts, Attorney Maciolek was able to have a more favorable judge assigned to the case and was able to limit her prison exposure to 3.5 years.  After an emotional sentencing hearing, the court imposed probation and 30 days in jail.

Sheboygan, WI.  A group of friends were traveling to a music festival in central Wisconsin when their car was pulled over for lacking a front license plate.  After a search of the car, the police recovered several bags of ecstasy, a quarter pound of marijuana, 6 ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms, pills, and paraphernalia.  Attorney Maciolek filed motions in court claiming that the police had violated his client’s rights under United States Supreme Court case law.  The result – two minor tickets, no probation, no jail.  Attorney Maciolek’s client still has no criminal record.

Dodge County, WI.  After being caught speeding at over 120 m.p.h. and having his blood alcohol measured at over three times the legal limit, the district attorney was threatening to charge Attorney Maciolek’s client with Felony Recklessly Endangering safety.  His client would have faced years in prison, a felony conviction, loss of his voting rights, and a permanent loss of his right to possess firearms.  Attorney Maciolek’s negotiation skills supplied an amazing result.  No criminal charges were ever filed.  No criminal conviction ever occurred.  Although convicted of a non-criminal OWI, his client was able to continue driving with no loss of his operating privileges. 


Green Bay, WI.  OWI conviction overturned on appeal!  Attorney Maciolek litigated his case for over two years.  His client was pulled over by the police and his blood alcohol was measured at 0.03.  He was charged with Felony OWI.  At the preliminary hearing, the case was dismissed only to be refiled by the state a few days later.  Undeterred, Attorney Maciolek starting investigating his client’s prior record for OWI offenses.  Through his litigation strategy of filing contested motions he was able to reduce the charged OWI from a Fifth offense to a Third.  This was no longer a felony.  Attorney Maciolek argued to the court that because his client’s blood alcohol level was below the legal limit of 0.08 the case should be dismissed.  The court denied this motion and the case proceeded to trial.  After the court convicted his client, Attorney Maciolek appealed.  After a third year of fighting the case, the Court of Appeals finally announced the news that the trial court judge was wrong.  The case was reversed.  Case dismissed.

Door County, WI.  Not-Guilty verdict after jury trial.  This case was a Domestic Violence allegation where Attorney Maciolek’s client was alleged to have been violent towards his girlfriend.  Through extensive investigation Attorney Maciolek was able to discover a recent violent past of the woman who claimed to be the victim.  Not only did this woman have a documented past as being violent, she was also known to others to be untruthful.  Through skilled cross examination and pre-trial motions, Attorney Maciolek was able to present this defense to the jury who returned a Not-Guilty verdict in under one hour. 


Green Bay, WI.  Sexual Assault case dismissed.  Attorney Maciolek’s client kept asking, “What about the fact that I am innocent?!”  Unfortunately, that fact alone is rather useless in a court of law.  What is extremely helpful is your attorney’s unrelenting efforts to exonerate you.  How did this case get dismissed?  Though a year of litigation and not giving up.  Attorney Maciolek filed 10 separate motions challenging every aspect of the state’s case.  He filed three bond motions to get his client out of custody.  He filed motions to recover the alleged victim’s mental health records, motions to exclude expert testimony, motions to exclude other bad acts evidence offered by the state, Rape Shield motions, and motions to compel the state to turn over evidence that they were hiding in their file.  After about a year of litigation it was the State that gave up.  Case dismissed and client went home a free man.


Green Bay, WI.  Cases that involve Veterans of our Armed Forces are cases that need special attention.  In this case a Veteran, suffering from PTSD visited a bar and had a flashback to when he was at war in Afghanistan.  While actively hallucinating, he frightened others in the bar and the police were called.  These particular police officers had little experience in interacting with or communicating with someone diagnosed with PTSD from combat.  The officers simply confronted the war Veteran and he injured on of the officers.  HE was later charged with Battery to a Police Officer – a felony.  The state was seeking a felony conviction as well as substantial incarceration for this Veteran with no criminal history.  Attorney Maciolek utilized his contacts with the Department of Veteran’s affairs and had a Veteran’s advocate assigned to the case.  Through his litigation strategy and a carefully crafted treatment program, the case resolved in an eventual dismissal of all charges, no jail, no probation, no fines.